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You may want to keep an amount in cash savings for any number of events; purchasing a house, paying your annual tax bill or even preparing for any emergencies. Good cash management can make a dramatic difference to what your money can achieve in savings accounts.

In recent times, it has been widely publicised that some High Street Banks have typically offered initial ‘teaser’ rates for opening accounts, which have then disappeared after 6 months or a year. Time is never on our side and those savings interest rate reductions sneak up far too quickly.  We all have good intentions of moving our cash when this happens, but these jobs become low priority in our busy lives, even when there is potential for extra income to be made. With such a wide choice of different cash savings options available in the UK, and with rates sometimes changing over the course of a few months, it is extremely difficult and time-consuming to constantly find and keep your money in competitive accounts that provide the security you need.

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