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What do you remember about your financial education in school?

4th October 2018

We asked our team to share their experiences.

Kirsty (Age 33)

There was no such thing as financial education in schools when I was school age.

I was aware from my parents that money didn’t grow on trees, and my parents had to work very hard, so that we could have nice things. They owned their own home for as long as I could remember, and it spurred me on to want to own a home too. However, I had no idea about bank accounts, mortgages or credit cards.

My financial education really started at my first job, while completing an apprenticeship as an IT Administrator. My job just happened to be with a Mortgage Broker. I worked my way up in the company to Mortgage Advisor, and along the way saw financial situations horrific enough to give you nightmares. It certainly scared me out of mounting up credit card and loan debt.

My experience of financial education at school was non-existent, however, deterrent brought about by circumstance gave me all the information I needed to know. I would consider myself lucky to have had this experience. Had I chosen another career path, my financial situation could have been very different.

Reference – DCM005

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