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Cash is king?

8th February 2019

Economic and political uncertainty continues to create an environment where clients are wary of making major financial decisions. Taking a cash position for the time being is becoming more common for 25% of HNW clients*, who now hold more than 50% of their investable assets in cash. Interestingly a further 35% of HNW clients are now holding 26%-50% in this asset class**.

With the margin between inflation and savings rates reducing considerably over the last 12 months, savers are preferring cash at this time.
The question remains who has the time, knowledge, research capabilities, and administration expertise to successfully place money and subsequently monitor the selected accounts.

At Dynamic Cash Management we have created a one stop shop by now offering two service propositions, DCM Bespoke and DCM Express.

DCM Bespoke remains our full service open to Private Clients, Charities, Businesses, Power of Attorney and Academies who have specific requirements. DCM Express is our newly launched streamlined service open to Private and Power of Attorney clients only, who require a simpler, web-based approach with lower fees and entry level. ***

However, both services retain the valuable benefits of a personal client manager and regular review facility to keep on top of client requests and rates. Regardless of the type of enquiry we’ve got it covered.

*HNW clients-(£100k of investable assets)
** Research by Rathbones
*** Entry Level >50k

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