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With many savings accounts offering pitifully low interest rates, your clients face continuing challenges when managing their cash.

When your clients turn to you with their cash management requirements, as industry professionals you are faced with a dilemma. You want to help your clients achieve a competitive return on their hard earned cash, but helping your clients achieve consistently competitive rates of interest can be costly to you in terms of time and resources.

With such a wide choice of cash investment options available in the UK, it is extremely difficult and time-consuming for you to undertake the appropriate research on secure deposit accounts for them.  The Dynamic Cash Management service is proven to provide cash management solutions for financial advisers which can help add value to your client relationships, by ensuring their cash is not underestimated as an asset class and by providing you with a regular visible statement of your clients’ cash portfolios.

Working with us can improve your reporting, allow you to maintain control of your client relationship and can help to reduce your administration.


  • Annual consolidated interest statement (or tax statement) – includes a consolidated list of interest received in the tax year for each client. Broken down by account and confirms whether interest was paid with or without the deduction of tax.
  • 6 monthly statements – produced in January and July, this statement includes a full transaction breakdown of the DCM account.
  • Online portal – you and your client can access details about the DCM account online using our online portal 24/7.

Maintaining control

  • The service can be offered alongside your existing services to re-engage existing clients.
  • Is can be used to build relationships with new clients.
  • Enhance and compliment existing services, what we mean by this is covering all the bases so that your clients have no need to go elsewhere.
  • We have strict no-compete agreements that we ask all of our introducer firms to sign. This means that you will have complete peace of mind that we will not approach your client or cross sell. We want to work with you to maintain your client relationships.

Reduced admin

  • In the same way the admin is reduced for your client it can also be the case for you, if you have previously been helping your client with this task.

We can deal directly with your client and keep you informed or work via you – whichever you want!

Create an illustration for your client.

If you would like to get a general illustration of the rates for one of your clients, our Illustration tool can provide an indicative illustration of what we might achieve when we first invest a client’s cash based on accounts currently available.

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