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Artificial intelligence
Artificial Intelligence in the financial sector

Artificial intelligence (AI) is soon to become commonplace in the financial industry. We are seeing more and more ways to use technology to compare products, transfer money quickly and cheaply and review recent transactions. Using technology in this way means…

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investing phone
Open Banking – A Revolution?

13 January 2018 saw the introduction of Open Banking. The following information explains: 1) Why it has been introduced? 2) Who can participate? 3) How do you get started? 4) What are the benefits? 5) Who will provide the service?…

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Meet the Team – Client Management

We took 5 minutes to chat to Jordan Braithwaite, DCM Client Management Supervisor. Managing the team of DCM Client Managers in Richmond can provide a varied work day but just don’t get him too excited about savings rates… How long…

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