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Arbuthnot Latham
Arbuthnot Latham becomes the latest DCMe partner

We are delighted to welcome Arbuthnot Latham as our newest partner bank for DCM Express. We know the savings market is a tough place at the moment, so we’re delighted to be able to grow the range of accounts available…

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How we are coping with Covid-19

Our team are currently working from our office in Darlington, albeit in a socially distanced way.  This means we can safely provide an uninterrupted service to our existing clients, as well as continuing to accept new applications throughout.  Our office…

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How the UK government intends to help businesses, employees and the self-employed during this pandemic

With the pace of the Covid-19 pandemic accelerating in the UK, new Chancellor Rishi Sunak has introduced a raft of measures designed to help businesses, their employees and the self-employed. Many of our clients have asked if we could summarise…

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