How DCM plus works

How DCM plus works

We know the difficulties faced when managing your savings.

Our savings management service is designed to reduce the burden of time and hassle in managing savings accounts. Call one of our Savings Specialists on 0345 094 2255 to find out how we can help or Arrange a call back and we’ll get in touch.

Our Process

Initial Interest

  • We will collect information from you that we will need to open your account.
  • We take time to work with you to understand when you need access to your cash, your attitude to risk and the amount you want to hold in cash.
  • We will prepare and pre-complete the forms required to open your intial account (Hub account) and send them to you for you to sign.
  • We will collect identification documents to confirm your name and address.

Open Account

  • Return your signed forms to our office.
  • We open an account in your name with Cater Allen Private Bank. This is your Hub Account.
  • You will receive a Welcome Pack when your account is open, you may be required to sign additional forms at this stage.

  • Transfer your cash into your new Hub account.
  • Your dedicated Client Manager will be in touch to introduce themselves.
  • We then open a number of other savings accounts in your name with building societies, banks and National Savings. We choose accounts with competitive rates that meet your needs for security and access.

Ongoing management

  • You may receive post in relation to the accounts we open, forward this to your Client Manager for processing.
  • We review your accounts regularly and switch your accounts when they become uncompetitive. We also switch your accounts if new information makes us believe an institution has become too risky for you.
  • We prepare all of the forms and paperwork required to open your accounts and move money between them. Where any signature or authority is required, we will contact you to arrange this. You can see where your money is invested using our online client portal. We also provide regular 6 monthly statements and an annual consolidated tax statement.
  • When you want to make a withdrawal, contact your Client Manager and we will arrange this for you.

Your actual experience may vary depending on your circumstances.

Call one of our Savings Specialists on 0345 094 2255 or arrange a callback and we’ll get in touch.
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Arrange a call back

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