Dynamic Cash Management express

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Dynamic Cash Management express (DCMe) is a slick, hassle free solution for your cash savings. The service is open to UK resident clients including for those operating with power of attorney.

What could your savings be earning?

What could your savings be earning?

Minimum £50,000
Interest earned £0.00 after 12 months (net of fees)
Based on AER
Correct as at Saturday 13th July 2024. Return may vary based on individual circumstances and the accounts available when you actually invest your cash.

What is the Service?

Dynamic Cash Management express is designed to ensure that:

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Your funds in the hub and in the underlying deposits will be held in trust with Gale and Phillipson acting as trustees. At all times the money deposited with the banks will qualify for standard FSCS protection and have no exposure to the credit worthiness of Gale and Phillipson itself.

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Arrange a call back

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Free savings review

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Why use a cash management service?

Most savers can no longer simply hold their cash savings with their high street banks’ savings account and expect to get a competitive return. With rates changing frequently and banks offering little reward for loyalty it is more important than ever to be diligent and pro-active in the management of cash savings. At the same time we all find ourselves feeling busier than ever. That is why we believe the best solution is to use a service which will ensure you promptly move your savings when rates become uncompetitive or your term deposits mature.